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Another Security Scanning tool that I enjoy using is called Prowler (Github Link here).

They have a CLI utility that is awesome at running quick scans and they also have a cloud paid version that helps with more constant scanning and gives some nice dashboards. For this review we will be focusing on the CLI as it is free and anyone can use it.


It supports the current big three clouds fairly well. All you have to do is have the credentials and you can quickly just say prowler <provider> and it is off and scanning. It has a nice chart that shows some of the overall parts of everything but also provides more fo a detailed breakout in an HTML format. It does also provide CSV and JSON that I am sure could be pulled into some ticketing script or something if you wanted to generate tickets based off of things.

Running it

Ultimately I have talked about the CLI, but it does support being pushed into a docker container and ran on most anything. This could be super helpful since you can have it run regularly and push the files somewhere that they can be viewed. The trick ultimately is providing it with the role and permissions it needs which can certainly be a little more tricky at times.


This CLI has a lot of different standards that it can help check against. You can specify which ones you want it to check against and also just allow it to run against them all. Normally to me it is nice to run them all on the first initial baseline and then you can start and see which ones need some work and it allows you to figure out which ones to focus on.


This is another cloud scanning utility. I have used a bunch and this is one of the ones I like to use regularly. Having a few different ones in my pocket certainly provide some benefits just to make it easier to operate.