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I have always been a massive fan of Terraform. It helps to smooth everything and help things keep moving well. However, I used to be a little bit against Terragrunt. I felt like it took something and abstracted it away. However, I have recently had the opportunity to use it again and I feel like I have a new found like for it.


The biggest thing that I have liked about CloudFormation is the fact of being able to break it up into logical stacks. Terragrunt provides a way to do that while still leveraging modules that I have written for Terraform.


Terragrunt really requires writing everything in modules. This isn’t a problem exactly, but it is something that I am not ecstatic about still with it. It presents a potential for creating modules for the sake of modules and not for the true need of it.


I am going to use it more and in more projects. I do plan to write a more thorough article on it just to provide some more pieces around it.