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A tool that I have been using a lot lately has been rclone. This is really just a tool to help move data between different cloud providers. Similar to rsync in the sense of transferring data. It has been super helpful whenever I need to send a large amount of data.

Google Drive

I will regularly use this to upload large amounts of data into Google Drive. This is super helpful whenever I am needing to transfer an entire folder of items or even a generally large file to share with a client. Overall this provides a much better way of working with large files than the web interface. This helps to provide a very direct way of copying data up or down and not having to be limited by a web browser.

Amazon S3

Overall I prefer to use this to transfer out of or into S3. While there is an AWS CLI utility that works well this just seems to work a little bit better and it makes it easier moving between different clouds since I can keep syntax the same and not have to constantly change CLI commands at every step.

The only side this does not support is being able to copy direct from S3 to S3. This is something that is still nice to do on the AWS CLI since you can take advantage of not having to have the files copy down to your computer. Overall this can mean that it goes significantly faster.


The biggest downside that I have found is that in working with Google Drive it really makes sense to stand up a Service Account to use. There is a general one that you can use, but you hit a lot of rate limits. It is super easy to setup the Service Account and they have excellent documentation for it overall. But this is just an extra step.

You can’t copy directly from one cloud to another. So you can’t copy from S3 into Google Drive to help archive something or directly from S3 into Cloudflare R2 to help move between them. Everything has to be copied locally and then it can be sent to the final destination that it needs to end up at.


This isn’t an overly fancy tool by any means, but it is a super helpful tool since it provides a way to operate with a lot of different storage solutions in a very consistent manner once the configurations are set up. I use this utility regularly and really enjoy leveraging it to work with a lot of different services.