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So with regards to AI it is becoming a part of our lives very quickly. Github Co-Pilot is super helpful in seeing quick things in code. ChatGPT and Bard are super awesome at helping to build a Markdown table (because I know I hate building markdown tables by hand). Last week The White House released an Executive Order around the use of Artificial Intelligence (Linked Here). Now I wanted to take some time to step through the bigger points of it and discuss some of the parts of it as I do see this as a first step into regulations for Artifical Intelligence.

Safe, Secure, Responsible Innovation

So this is a large part of it. There is overall a lot of very general things trying to say that it needs to be secure. There aren’t a lot of overall specifics to me in what this means or even how that would happen. To me this is going to start becoming something around updating SOC2 or creating a new certification path. This would more than likely cover how data can be collected, what needs to be stripped away, and trying to work on ensuring that it does not disadvantage a specific group of people. I will be curious how this starts to affect overall models since you are essentially beginning to take away a lot of the data points that it leverages to give a full explanation of what is going on.


So there is a part in here about working on this from a Global Perspective. I am going to assume that this is overall talking about trying to work with other countries to create similar policies. This is fuzzy to me at best since you are trying to push everyone to join something that they might not want to. They might be doing their own thing (similar to the creation of GDPR). Overall I see AI becoming a difficult thing to work on across the world since so many different countries are going to have so many different policies.


There is no perfect answer to this. I do see there being a lot more legislation coming through around it to attempt and secure it. However, AI is here and it is growing at a significant rate. This should be interesting to continue to watch and see what happens.