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So this week in DevOps there was some stuff around DDoS attacks and getting mitigated. Along with just some other things that I found interesting.

GCP Mitigating a record breaking DDoS attack

So Google Cloud Platform (GCP) had a massive DDoS attack recently. Normally we hear all the time of CloudFlare mitigating them so this one is cool to see another group having to work on handling them. Overall there wasn’t anything majorly down for this one. They handled it at the edge and were able to block most of it. They did seem to use this attack to continue reviewing their systems and ensure that they were properly planning for any future attacks.

CloudFlare Hyperdrive

If you have ever worked with distributed serverless functions the data they access can be the biggest hassle ever. While the code is executing at the edge and working super fast for the user the access to the database could be a different story unless you have it replicating across a bunch of different regions. This problem is what makes Hyperdrive so interesting. It really feels like trying to provide this opportunity where you don’t have to fork over cash in order to have a highly distributed system, but you can still have a super fast database.


So I am probably the super odd one out in that I have always wanted to run my own GPT setup instead of having to rely on ChatGPT. Just purely for the reason of continuing to own my own data and the absolute desire to. So LlamaGPT is a new option that can do this. You can run the docker container and run your own instance of a ChatGPT like system.

Overall I haven’t had a chance to use this one yet. I have some NUCs that I am working to re-purpose but hope to provide a Product Review on this soon.


Those are the big items that I saw this week. If you saw any news articles or specific things drop it in the comments so we can keep the conversation going!