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So a new regular post I have wanted to start doing is a “This Week in DevOps”. Overall just trying to capture anything interesting that I saw happening or something that I thought was neat and wanted to share. This is by no means meant as an exhaustive list, but more of just a things I found interesting.

Cloudflare Sippy

So Sippy is something that Cloudflare created to help move people onto R2 while reducing egress charges from Amazon S3. Essentially this works similar to a cache. If something is requested and it doesn’t have the object then it will forward it onto S3, copy it to itself, and forward onto the end user. This can be super helpful since it can also allow removing any old unneeded data and allow you to mark it to a lower amount. All while taking advantage of Cloudflare R2 and saving on costs.

Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile US showing interest in Web3

This one came across interesting to me. The mobile carrier is beginning to move into working with Web3. Overall seeing them begin to work with The Graph and some others provides some interesting potentials for them. I’m curious to keep following this and see how things change for them over time.


Overall nothing too crazy this week in DevOps. We will continue to watch things and work to be updating and keeping everyone aware of what is happening. Have a great weekend everyone!