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Pretty much anyone who has worked in security has heard of ScoutSuite at some point and has probably used it. Overall it is a simple-to-run cloud scanning utility that looks for any security misconfigurations. All this requires is some AWS Credentials and can be run from a local command line. It even generates a nice piece of HTML to explore all of the issues.

Overall I really enjoy using this as an initial way to start looking at Cloud Environments. This gives me a high-level overview of what resources are being used and if there is anything that I should potentially start to go look at quickly. It even helps by showing some items around what compliance piece is specifically being referenced and you can dig in to read some of the recommended remediation items.

With all of this, it can help whenever I am starting out in a new already existing Cloud Environment since I can very quickly start to scan and grep the environment. It can also help to provide a list of priorities to start working on and get some quick wins for the client.

Plus the biggest benefit to me is that it does work with Google Cloud Platform as well. This allows me to have a very common way of working with clouds and getting the appropriate information.

The utility is free so if you haven’t used it give it a download and run it against your environment. Maybe it will show some things that need a little work. Either way it is another interesting tool to add to the tool belt and have to get a quick idea of what is going on in an account.